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NYC Criminal Defense Attorney At The Law Office of Howard H. Weiswasser in New York City, you will find a NYC Criminal Defense Attorney who has defended clients for more than 49 years. Howard H. Weiswasser is a defense attorney who provides clients with the individualized attention that they deserve when defending them from criminal charges.

Our firm practices criminal defense in both state and federal courts and believes that no case is too big or too insignificant to defend.

Criminal Defense Attorney Howard H. Weiswasser is renowned for reviewing criminal cases for inaccuracies by getting any physical evidence analyzed independently. He also has a successful track record of negotiating for lesser charges or reduced sentences and obtaining expert witnesses for trial.

Attorney Weiswasser's services include consultations, pre-trial, trial, and post-trial proceedings, as well as appeals in New York State Courts and Federal Courts. His areas of representation include DWI, drug offenses, domestic violence, sex offenses, murder, arson, robbery, larceny, assault, burglary, child endangerment.

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Howard H. Weiswasser's area of practice is broad and includes misdemeanors, crimes, and felonies. From Juvenile Court to DWI cases, we always give clients facing criminal charges the respect that they deserve.

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